Remove Shared Secrets

Password-less login and better 2FA

Auth Armor turns smart mobile devices into modern secure authenticators preventing attacks and un-authorized access. Passwords and shared secrets are outdated and insecure. Account take-overs, password theft and breaches cost billions each year and are getting worse. Use Auth Armor to protect websites, apps, backoffice and more with our simple API. Get running in minutes.


Passwords are not secure! - Passwords, TOTP seeds and any shared secrets are unfortunately not good methods to secure things. This is because both sides have to know the secret. This means shared secrets are vulnerable to theft at every part of the journey, from generation, to storage, to transmission. Auth Armor helps you go password-less and remove all shared secrets and replace with a public/private keypair.

Better, easier and faster 2FA Friction and Adoption are major problems. 2FA is available to nearly everyone but yet user adoption rates are low. The classic 2FA codes are not only insecure and based on shared secrets, they are cumbersome to type and based on a short time limit. Auth Armor requires no codes and is faster than passwords while being much more secure. Auth Armor is easy, intuitive, and 10x faster while also being fun to use. Try it out for yourself and see what your prefer.

Modern Security - Utilizing the latest technology available, such as built-in secure-elements in mobile devices, combined with optional hardware security key support , private keys are always secure and in the users control. Push Messaging directly to the users device is more secure than SMS and required for compliance in many businesses. No secrets or vulnerable info is stored on any server, ever. Nothing to steal, nothing to forget.

Start for FREE! - Get started with our free plan and keep going with 500 FREE auths each month. No credit card required! Free trials for Enterprise plans to test-drive even more features. Coming soon!

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The Auth Armor app integrates with the mobile devices biometric sensors, utilizing both fingerprint and FaceID where applicable. Upon a successful biometric scan, authentication requests are signed using the unique secure chip inside the users mobile device. Fast, easy and secure.








Built by developers for developers. Our simple API is easy to use and we have plenty of quick-start samples and guides, with more being added frequently. Check back soon!



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