Get Started With Auth Armor

Sign up, create your first project and send a push authentication request

Download the Auth Armor Authenticator
And create a new account using the app


Download the app

You can only login using the app. We use our own passwordless technology to power authentication for our dashboard. To begin, please download the app from the respective stores.


Create an account

After downloading the app, create an account. You will need to provide a username and an email address. Name is optional.


Create a recovery method!

No passwords means there is no "forgot my password" option to recover your account. If you lose your device, you'll need a way to get back into your account. Be sure to create a recovery method or risk losing access to your account.

Setup your Auth Armor developer account
through the Auth Armor Dashboard


Register at Dashboard

Once app is installed and the account has been created at Auth Armor, head over to and sign in with your newly created account.


Choose workforce or consumer edition

During registration, you will be presented with a choice to choose workforce or consumer protection. Once you setup one or the other, you can always configure both at a later step.


Make your first project

Once you have registered, you'll need to create a project. Workforce accounts have a project created by default.

Invite users, send push-requests
and integrate Auth Armor into your project


Invite your first user

Head over to the users tab and invite your first user. You can scan the QR code with your app and you will invite yourself.


Send a Push request

Now that you have invited yourself, you can send a push auth request to yourself. Give it a try!


Get API Key

Generate an API credentials and checkout our api located at


Use our SDKs

Use our libraries, integrate, build and secure anything, anywhere!

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