Auth Armor

Biometric's, smartphones, and Magiclink Emails make passwordless easy.

Enroll users to passwordless authentication methods.

What is Passwordless?
How does it work?

Passwordless means there is no longer a password for the bad guys to steal. There is nothing sensitive to store. Removing passwords reduces attack surface area, making your code, apps, websites, and, userbase less vulnerable to attack.


Auth Armor Authenticator

Our state-of-the-art biometric based mobile authenticator app makes passwordless very easy. Push messaging and notifications allow you to send real-time authentication requests to users anywhere in the world.


Biometrics are safe, secure and easy to use. You can enable passwordless using biometrics from smartphones and laptops that have the capability. Biometrics can be used with our WebAuthn and Biometric Authentication solutions.

Magiclink Emails

Magiclink Emails are a quick and easy way to go passwordless. Instead of asking a user to type in a password, simply send an email to a trusted and verifed email address with a button to click to login. Nothing to type, just a simple click!

WebAuthn and FIDO

WebAuthn and FIDO are standards and technology that enable passwordless authentication. Our biometric mobile authentication is based on WebAuthn technology standards. WebAuthn and FIDO ensure secure safe authentication.