Auth Armor

The Auth Armor Authenticator app integrates with biometrics on smartphones

Generate auth requests that work with our authenticator, enabling biometric authentication directly from your user’s smartphone - all using our simple APIs

Authenticate using biometrics on smartphones

We have an API and app that work together. Similar to Google Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator apps, but instead of typing a code or having to find an open the app, Auth Armor can send real-time push notifications and use biometrics instead of a code. We have an API that is used to send the auth requests to the Auth Armor Authenticator app in real time. You can also generate QR codes for the app to scan for usernameless login, or for a backup in the evnet the push message did not arrive.

Create an invite

First and foremost, your users must be invited to your project. This links your project to the authenticator app. Using the dashboard or the API, you can easily generate an invite QR code. The user then scans the QR code using the Auth Armor Authenticator app and configures biometric authentication on the device for your project.

Generate Auth Request

After the user has been invited, we can now generate an auth request for the Auth Armor Authenticator app. This can be done on the dashboard or using the API. You have options to send an instant push message directly to the user or generate a usernameless QR code to scan. We give you the flexibility to auth how you want.

User Authenticates and Authorizes

If a push message was sent, the user will get an instant notification alerting of an auth request. If the QR code was scanned, the app will show the details of the auth request. The user can now approve or decline the request, directly from their smartphone, using biometrics or a FIDO key.

User has been authenticated and authorized!

Once the user has approved the request, Auth Armor will return all the information you need to validate the request via the API or dashboard, such as FIDO attestation signatures and more. You can now continue your logic in your own application, program, website, etc. Authentication history is always available for you and the user.

All requests use FIDO2/WebAuthn

Every approved auth request at Auth Armor is done using FIDO2/WebAuthn standards. Using FIDO2 is that easy with Auth Armor - it is included, and it just works! No additional setup required. Users can optionally link security keys and authenticate using a cross platform authenticator instead of biometrics.


We built Auth Armor to provide easy access to industry leading biometric and FIDO based authentication for developers everywhere.
Our mission is to make auth easy, for developers and users alike.


Available in all app stores.